Achtung Kunst! pres Cosmic Bridge Label Night & presale

With the Cosmic Bridge Label Night we celebrate five years of one of the most innovative and inspiring record labels in the worldwide bass music scene. Redefining the boundaries between Jungle, Drum and Bass, Dub, HipHop and Footwork, label founder Om Unit has brought some of the most talented producers together on a platform that sidesteps the pitfalls of genre-constraints.

Drawing from such a broad bandwith of musical styles and influences, the cosmic family has grown over the past years into a global community of open minded musicmakers, DJs, visuals artists, promoters, writers and most importantly fans.

// Om Unit

Bristol based producer and DJ, Jim Coles has been a significant and pioneering presence in various dance music circles since the late 2000s. Being a true fan of Jungle music since the earliest days of the genre, Coles fluid approach on sound system culture has stimulated a worldwide reignition of bass-heavy uptempo music and culture. His personal explorations have lead to new amalgamations of styles such as Jungle, Footwork, HipHop and vintage synth sounds. These he displays on his own Cosmic Bridge imprint, as well as legendary record labels like Metalheadz, Exit Records and Planet Mu.


The spirit of dub runs through Moresounds veins like no other artist. Being a true scholar of Kingston legend King Tubby, the parisien producer forges high-pressure uptempo music with the crackling warmth of vintage analog gear. His unique style draws from the distinct use of classic dub effect units such as the Sherman filter bank, hard-to-track-down vocal cuts from Jamaican reggae clashes and fast pace syncopated breakbeat chops. This signature sound has manifested in many timeless releases on international dub-heavyweighters such as Lion Charge, ThirtyOne Recordings, Moonshine Rec. and ZamZam.

// Danny Scrilla

Operating from downtown Munich, Danny Scrilla has been one of the most creative suppliers of synth-heavy halftime productions that stomp both the grounds of clubs as well as radio environments. Drawing from his own background with reggae and dancehall music, Danny holds a vast catalogue of inventive remix projects as well as solo works and collaborations. His part-time beatmaking has manifested in numerous highly acclaimed releases on international imprints such as Amar, ZamZam, Civil Music and of course Cosmic Bridge. Besides that he still finds enough time to provide an astounding portfolio of contemporary memes that can’t be contested.


Cosmic Bridge is the creative sanctum that all three artists share in common, so let’s come together and celebrate half a decade of inspiring music for open minded people.

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GENERATE!° Festival call

GENERATE!° addresses contemporary tendencies of art that are based on the interdisciplinary use of electronic media or on the application of digital technologies. GENERATE!° is especially interested in the interrelations between art, research, and technology against its sociopolitical background. Particular attention is put on works that are dedicated to the reflection on generative processes of production, their conditions and their respective algorithmically controlled outputs.

GENERATE!° as a comprehensive programmatic titel implies both the artistic-technical processes as well as the individual question about the possibilities to be creative. Thus, the festival intends to enable a creative and critical discourse regarding the aesthetical, sociopolitical, and economic conditions and effects that are caused by media and information technology of the 21st century. GENERATE!° seeks to explore and shape the ways and forms of aesthetic practice which promote and facilitate a critical and self-determined participation in these developments.

GENERATE! ° Festival for Electronic Arts takes place for the third time in changing conditions, following the two festivals of the previous years and in the succession of the light and video arts festival series 2010-2014 as well as several previous media arts festivals.

The three main elements of the festival are an exhibition section, a series of workshops and lectures, as well as a performance program, spread over several locations in the city, each with its own focus.

more info / call


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Meanwhile in the fablab: Still fixing laptops

Our project reboot is all about giving used laptops a second life at refugee organisations and for people with low income. It’s been a while since I gave the last information about reboot here in the blog, but the project is still working. We took the time to adjust some of the organization in the background. We are now having a better overview of the donated laptops and also of everyone still in search for a laptop. And we still have both: Donated laptops that need help and some requests for laptops.

We also made the decicions to change our meetings from irregular dates with many volunteers to regular dates with a little smaller crowd, to keep us less busy. Nevertheless we look forward to volunteers who are willing to help us. Our next meeting is at August 24th 7 pm. At the moment we mostly need help with software. We have two PowerPCs we would like to use and we are have some laptops with wifi problems. Please feel free to join us.

We do also still need laptop donations, because there are constantly requests for laptops. If you want to donate a laptop, contact us via

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