Kunst with Michael Fiedler / PPLC / Sibel Caliskan A/V-concert

#Michael Fiedler
Michael Fiedler works with field recordings, sounds and noises that are captured directly before and during the performance, modified live with software and hardware as musical source material and made directly audible in a completely new context. Complemented by the powerful visual art of PPLC. Dance performance: Sibel Caliskan
#Sibel Caliskan
Sibel Caliskan is a freelance dancer and performer from Munich. With a great interest in improvisation and creation, she collaborates with various artistic figures in the performing arts. Her artistic work and movement language are characterised by interdisciplinarity and the connection between dance and movement research.
…is a musician, media artist and computer scientist. His work focuses on testing limits of hard- and software. In doing so, glitches are an unavoidable component he consciously uses that to his advantage. Characteristic features of his work also include direct interaction between sound and image, and a bilateral exchange between audience and piece. All of his works are created real-time – in the very moment – and thus each performance is unique. Real-time audio processing, machine learning and AI, live coding and numerous experimental devices are being deployed and make for an engrossing viewing and listening experience.

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Kunst! mit Lucas Gutierrez

Die erste Runde KUNST!

Der nächste Termin Kunst! mit Les Six (Facebook)

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(Deutsch) make art: how to cook crazy Videos (Visual Art Workshop) with Lucas Gutierrez

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2 day workshop 14:00-19:00 in 8. and 9. April
Aimed at everybody who are interested in practical experiences with VJing and audiovisual language. The workshop intends to “provide technical knowledge” and the dynamics of spontaneous creation, with techniques and tools that enable fluid and collaborative work amongst participants. Over the course of the two days, the participants will be introduced to the live audiovisual performance capabilities of software such as, Modul8, MadMapper, Ableton Live, Resolume and others.
Additionally, attendees are encouraged to bring ideas for mixed media presentations utilizing cameras, still images, movement, web cameras, and any digital/analog techniques that will contribute to their project.

about Lucas:
Lucas Gutierrez •• Argentina
Digital Artist and Industrial Designer based in Berlin. Currently working on several video art projects, lectures, workshops and audiovisual performances that are related to the new paradigms of digital culture.
He has participated and exhibited his works in festivals such as: Offf-Festival, Creamfields BA, Mira Festival Barcelona, Panoramica Bs. As., Genius Loci Weimar, BNT-Trimarchi, among others.
Video content director of Fungo— (Portugal).

You may need a Computer/Notebook with at least a Core2Duo and 1GB of Ram. If you need a Machine we can offer a few, please contact info@nullfablab-neckar-alb.org
The course will be held in Englisch and is 20€.

Please register via https://www.fablab-neckar-alb.org/makeart/

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SPLICE Festival 2017 call

26TH – 28TH MAY 2017

Submission deadline: 28th February 2017 at 5pm GMT

We welcome submissions that fit the following criteria:

• Submissions that utilise the close relationship of image with sound, primarily music. We’re open to all styles of work, be it created on celluloid or in the digital domain.

• Submissions can include: AV performances or VJ sets to accompany music performances (DJs or acts) programmed by the festival or presentations for our educational programme of Talks.

• Each artist is allowed to participate in more than one category but not exceeding three artworks. A separate submission form must be submitted for each category/work.

• It’s free to apply.

• Work submitted must be recent.

Please follow the links below and complete the submission form.

We look forward to seeing your work!


AV Performances & VJ Sets

Splice Festival aims to present a collection of performative work that blurs the creative disciplines of film and music, moving image and sound to create captivating audio visual experiences. We would like to receive a range of performative work that is driven by either music or narrative and experiments with form and structure.


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