Meanwhile in the fablab: Still fixing laptops

Our project reboot is all about giving used laptops a second life at refugee organisations and for people with low income. It’s been a while since I gave the last information about reboot here in the blog, but the project is still working. We took the time to adjust some of the organization in the background. We are now having a better overview of the donated laptops and also of everyone still in search for a laptop. And we still have both: Donated laptops that need help and some requests for laptops.

We also made the decicions to change our meetings from irregular dates with many volunteers to regular dates with a little smaller crowd, to keep us less busy. Nevertheless we look forward to volunteers who are willing to help us. Our next meeting is at August 24th 7 pm. At the moment we mostly need help with software. We have two PowerPCs we would like to use and we are have some laptops with wifi problems. Please feel free to join us.

We do also still need laptop donations, because there are constantly requests for laptops. If you want to donate a laptop, contact us via

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