An evening for Reboot – 8th October

We will end our summer pause at 8th October! Now is the time to restart repairing old laptops for refugees. We have received several laptop donations during summer, our boxes are full and waiting for someone to care for it.reboot-facebook

Do you want to help us? We are searching for Linux-Experts and hardware specialists but we are also looking for cake and salad donations. Do you just want to have a look and see what we are doing? You are also welcome! We’ll start at 4 pm at 8th October.

If you are searching for a laptop for a refugee oder a group helping refugees let us know.
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Another nice reboot-day

EhrgangLast sunday was a very successfull reboot-day: We snd our kind and helpful guest were able to fix 12 laptops. The first ones are already on their way to some refugees here in Tuebingen.

We also decided to throw away five more laptops. That sounds much, but we invested a lot of time to see that they are still broken. Is it worth to spend time (and probably money) for an afterwards very slow computer?

Our next reboot-day will hopefully be more structured and organized: We are planning to have someone handing over a laptop and its pupose and taking it back afterwards. The performed steps and and the new diagnosis will then be noted immediately. We hope that this change will make the reboot-days more nicer for our guests.

If you are willing to help, just contact us!



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The leftovers of ‘Reboot’

Our project ‘Reboot’ does have two outputs: Usefull Laptops and desktop PCs for refugees and other users but also some old hardware. Sometimes broken parts have to be substituted, sometimes we exchange very old parts. We try to be carefull with every bit that is leftover: The parts that aren’t available for recycling are used in workshops for children. They are building nice robots from our leftovers.


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